Special Effects Makeup

This page shows my special effects make up work, I have 24 years experience in Movies, Theatre, Commercial, Halloween, Coventions, Band videos.
I have worked IN THEATRE: on Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof, Godspell, Oh's Cereal,  MOVIES: Black Roses, Night Wings, American Oddessey Tough Guys, There's Nothing Out There, Deadly Spawn 2,  IN TELEVISION: 10 episodes of "Monster" weekly television show, had an entire 2 hour special on Comcasts cable on my make up and application live on cable, was on Joan Lunden Show and did a decapitated head effect.  In past 12 years I been busy with heavy make up halloween makeups. And in the past 6 years I did the make up on Neil the lead singer of "FREAK" band.

Just click on the photo below to see in detail.

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bruce Devil 1
Renassaince Man
bruce ren 2
Renassaince Man 2
bruce skull 1
Skull 1
bruce skull 2
Skull 2
bruce skull 3
Skull 3
bruce vampire 2
vampire 1
bruce vampire 2
Vampire 2
bruce vampire 4
Vampire 3
bruce vampire 5
Vampire 4
bruce dead cow 1
Dead Cowboy 1
bruce dead cow 2
Dead Cowboy 2
bruce dead cow 3
Dead Cowboy 3
bruce demon 1
Demon 1
bruce demon 2
Demon 2
making bruce demon
Putting make up
on Demon

bruce phantom 1
Phantom of Opera 1
bruce phantom 2
Phantom of Opera 2
bruce phantom 3
Phantom of Opera 3
punker 1
Punker Make up 1
punker 2
Punker 2
cat prosthetic
Cat Prosthetic make up
medusa 1
Medusa 1
medusa 2
Medusa 2
medusa 4
Medusa 3
medusa 4
Medusa 4
clown 1 Clown 1
clown 2 Clown 2
corpse mask 1  Corpse Mask
corpse 2  Corpse Mask 2
craig older man  Took a 21 year model made him 50 years old in looks.
lute 1 From Night Breed - Lute
lute 2
dead elvis 1 Dead &
Bloated Elvis

dead elvis 2
Dead Elvis 2
dead elvis 3
Dead Elvis 3
dead elvis 6
Dead Elvis 4

dead elvis 7
Dead Elvis 5
doc creepy
Doc Creepy
Emperor make up
Bruise make up
dragon 1
Dragon Make up
dragon 2
Dragon 2
dragon 3
Dragon 3
frank wizard Took 22 year old model made him Old Wizard for Renaissance Fair in new York
frank wizard 2
frank phantom Test make up of Broadway's Phantom of the Opera
warrior  Warrior make up with scars for NY Renaissance Fair
frank devil 1
Devil Make up 1
frank devil 2
Devil 2
death mask  Rubber mask of "Eddie" from Iron Maiden
apply zombie  Applying touch to zombie make up from "Monsters" tv weekly show
group makeup
Me & make up demo group at convention
punk vampire  Test make up of punk vampire for film
zombie 1 
Zombie 1 make up
zombie 2  Zombie 2
zombie 3  Zombie 3
zombie hand 1  Zombie hand make up from :Monsters" weekly tv show
zombie hand 2 Zombie hand 2
melt head 1  Melting head sequence from "There's Nothing Out There" film
melt head 2
Melting head 2
melt head 3
Melting head 3
melt head 4
Melt head 4
melt head 5
Melt head 5
melt head 6
Melt head 6
mad cherub 1  Neil from the band "FREAK" as a mad Cherub
mad cherub 2
neil devil 1  Neil from band "FREAK" as Devil
neil devil 2
neil devil 3
jack ripper 1  "Jack the Ripper" make up
jack ripper 2
jack ripper 3

night wing 1  Demon from film "Night Wings"
night wings 2
night wing 3
prop  Body Prop for lawn halloween
rabbi  An old Rabbi make up
dracula  Dracula make up for a private director party
dracula 2
mad surgeon 1  Mad Plastic Surgeon for Atlantic city convention
mad surgeon 2  Mad Surgeon 2
mad surgeon 3
ray vampire 1  Me as a vampire for Resorts Hotel/Casino halloween
test head  The Test head from "There's Nothing Out There" film
head is decapitated
robin cat  Cat make up
and hair was done
robin tattoo  I had to do a face tattoo of a women who's head is actually the models' eye
robin tattoo 2
tattoo 1
I had to do a body tattoo of scrolls on a red body
tattoo 2
tattoo 3
tattoo 4
cut throat
Click on this picture to take you to the clip of Joan Lunden Show, I did a cut throat live.

melt head
This is a scene of a Melting Head I did in a film.