Ray Schwab
61 Mercer St.
So. River, NJ 08882 ( Exit 9 NJ Turnpike, East Brunswick, New Brunswick areas)
(732) 238-3187

Utilizing twenty one years experience in Ad Agencies for Corporate and Retail Fields, conceptualizing design to pre-press. Handled trade shows, campaigns, promotional, ads, billboards, some packaging and other print media for Automotive, Electronic, Medical, Food, Township Municipality and Entertainment fields.

• Highly refined design sense from 21 years experience.
• Able to handle multiple assignments, and complete on time.
• Able to rally fellow workers to do the job put in that extra mile, as I have done on my campaign work, in trade shows.
• Corporate and Retail Trade Shows, Campaigns, and promotional.
• Client contact and laisaion to printer from client.
• File correction, photo retouching, and color correction of files to prepress.
  Ran negs from said files and made color match prints for pressman.
• Worked on two major campaigns for Panasonic; one being a $40 million dollar Plain Paper Copier campaign, the other a $20     
   million dollar campaign.
• Conceptual design, to running a 2-9 man department, delegating work according, working through deadlines to complete jobs.
• Competent in Mac software & PC, as well as some Word, PowerPoint, usage.

Computer Experience: Mac Computer & PC, with; Adobe Illustrator CS II, CS IIAdobe Photoshop 9.0 Quark EXpress 6.1, Pagemaker 6.5, Aldus Freehand 10.0, Adobe InDesign CSII, CS II Acrobat 7.0 and Painter 5.0.  Have some PC experience using PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word and some Excel.

Work History
Ray Schwab (RJS) Creative Conceptual Designs-So. River, NJ 2001-present
Also work in the Production Dept. of a Print  Shop, Downtown Printing Center,  as their Senior Designer Oct./2004. Handled designs, client correction of their files and ripped negs to press on site for 1-6 color. Send files out to other vendors along the east coast. Handled UMDNJ, New Brunswick Board of Ed. Highland Park Municipal, as well as other corporate accounts.
Opened my own design studio, I handle client contact, conceptual design, prepress, color correction, file correction, illustrations, photo shoots. Also delegate freelance work when I am too busy to handle everything. Still do freelance work for three places, when they need it.

Graphic Designer- Drew & Rogers, Inc, Fairfield, NJ. March 2000 to Oct 2004.
As Designer, I handled all designs for the pre-press department, for their clients. Handled a lot of four color process high end work. Trade show posters, display stands, banners, ads, brochures, POP pieces, some packaging, were main initiative, then handling redoes’ of client designs with corrections - handled all designs to press, with files.
Clients : American Standard, NAI (Fortune 500 Realestate Co.), Dolce International (Fortune 500 Client) executive training Corporation, Parmalat Milk Co., New Jersey Metrostars Soccer team, Van Heusen Co., Tommy Hilfiger, Honeywell Corp.

Senior Graphic Designer- Alphagraphics, northern NJ. January 1998 to 1999.
Now Freelance.
Handle all file pre-flighting, conceptual design of corporate booklets, ads, brochures, trade show posters, some illustration, Photo retouching, to pre-press. Work with client’s files and correct them to go to press. Work off of email and internet getting, and receiving files to and from different vendors and clients. Organize, and keep alphabetically customer files, trouble shoot computer, and work with production manager to keep abreast of jobs, their deadlines, and press work times. Clients: Summerfield Suites, Forsgate Country Club, Blessing White, Sensors Unlimited, Tandem Textile.

Graphic Designer/Production Manager - Office Depot, North Brunswick, NJ 1995-1997.
Handled all conceptual designs; such as ads, brochures, newsletters, photo retouching, client vendor liaison, handling all client files, and print outs, and trouble shoot computer system. Worked on Demo Tape Cover designs for three area bands, handling conceptualized design, to the production of each color piece. Was senior designer over department and ran the department as a third party manager when the manager, and assistant manager, were not present.
Clients: Pepsi, PC City, Rumble Seats, Dorell Equipment.

Art Director - R.S.V.P., North Brunswick, NJ 1991-1995
Managed department, scheduled jobs, and meet with clients. Conceptualized all work, and passed on to staff designs to be produced. Was instrumental in initiating the design work of LMT (Lab Management Today) a magazine that deals with the dental medical field. Conceptualized all ads, and retouched photos of client’s work to be used in that magazine. Worked on signs and clothing tags for Macy’s department stores, called “B.U.M. Equipment-American Laundry”. All tags that went on clothes, were designed, and produced under me and my staff, then sent to press.  Developed a movie theme for the Film “Fashion”, I initiated the indoor movie poster, then the newspaper ads, and eventually the Billboard advertisements. Clients: Lab Management Today (LMT), Macy’s, Panasonic, Bell Telephone, AT&T, Rickles, Brick Church Appliance, Town and Country Catering hall.

Art Director - Hank Forssberg Advertising, Hackensack, NJ 1990-1991
Handled all conceptual designs in brochures, ads, signs, billboards, and mailers for clients. I did all marker comps, and semi comps, and passed designs to staff to produce. Work was all two and full color. Initiated the major Sansone Move to Florida with a Mail Gram campaign theme, followed by teaser ads for the biggest NJ automotive chain dealer. The campaign took two months of intense designs and planning to set in motion. Handled billboard designs for clients as well. Clients: Sansone, Mercedes Benz, L. P. Depp Cadillac.

Designer - A & P Food Chain, Clifton, NJ 1989-1990
Worked in ad agency of food chain. Did production, designed store signs, aisle signs, card hand outs, as well as used the darkroom stat camera to make veloxs for mechanicals.

Mechanical Artist - Venet Advertising, Cranford, NJ 1987-1988
Produced all work for print media end for Pathmark, Shop Rite, NJ Lottery, Foodtown, Brick Church, Sterns, Money and Financial magazine, US Stock Today Magazine.

Designer Senior/Art Director - Benway, Maxwell, & Smithe, Inc., Chatham, NJ 1984-1987
Conceptualized ads, brochures, mailers, newsletters, billboards, some packaging design, as well running my own department. Staff was given my designs to produce, while I met clients to expedite new ideas and accounts. Handled two of Panasonic’s all time biggest campaigns “Plain Paper Copier” which consisted of my staff and I running all printed media while corporate Panasonic headquarters ran television and radio ads. I initiated the look, for the easel back counter pieces, poster, ads, and trade show ads, to run three months before the main campaign started. This was Panasonic’s biggest campaign, $40 million in advertising, with NY Holland Tunnel Billboard designs, NY Times Magazine color section color ads, newspaper ads, store posters, and ads. The second biggest campaign “If You Could Read This,” centered  around my color blind eye theme. Here I had created a color blind eye chart, and carried theme over to ads, and decals, as well as trade show brochures, ads, price spec sheets. This campaign was $18 million in the cost of advertising. All of Panasonic’s, as well as Sony’s ads, posters, brochures, and mailers were handled by our agency - all high end full color work. Clients: Panasonic, Sony, Technics, AT&T, Bell Telephone, Chatham Medical Association.
Was Promoted to Art Director in January 1985

Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ.  A. A. S. Applied Sciences Marketing Art & Design.
May 1984.

Design On Disk, Dumont, NJ. Completed 18 week comprehensive computer course in Quark EXpress, Aldus Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, Pagemaker. Received certificate from State of NJ of Completion of course, April 1991.