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Bruce "B.K. Simmons"
Guitarist-lead rythem and fills. Also most of all lead vocals. Bruce's influences were;

Clash, Sex Pistols, Bullocks, Mega Death, Rancid, Metallica, Slayer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Iron Maiden, Type-O-Negative to name a few.

I love almost all music...except opera, I never could understand that. I love the early do-wop music, Elvis, Duprees, The Fleetwoods, The Marcels, Jay Black and the Americans, up to the early 1967-70 era. I love Credence Clearwater revival, Emerson, Lake, Palmer, Mountain, Rare Earth, Three Dog Night, The Cowsills, The Animals, The Doors, Ike and Tina Turner Revue, The big band music era especially Benny Goodman, "the mean man with the licorice stick", to the Rolling Stones, Garth Brooks, Waylen Jennings, Jonny Cash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Anthax, Black Flag, Metallica, to name a few.

From 1977 up until 1990, I played in bars, clubs in bands that were mostly coverbands with some original tunes.

In 1990, I joined a band, which we did hard core punk, and lyrics, which lead us to tone down our lyrics for better play results. We also changed our name to Lobotomy, and I been in this band ever since.  We soon tired of the cover band bar band sound, and decided to do all original work. I now have a recording studio in my home and do all the music, lyrics and mixing to cd right at my home studio.  I am a drummer, but as band members come and go...I also double up as bass guitar, and do some keyboards as well. Bruce B.K. Simmons (guitarist) and I write all our own songs, and music and some times the music sits around for months into years before we go back to it and come up with the rest of the song. Please listen to our songs below.


Ray "MADMAN" Schwab

Drummer, and bass, and keyboards. Ray's influences were;

Big Bands, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Slayer, Metallica, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Iron Butterfly, Clash, Billy Idol, to name a few.

Some of My Band Songs Are:

Free As A Bird

Omnibus Psychobot

Lament of American Worker

Self Proclaimed Jesus

Beggin In New Brunswick

Demented Dentist

I Saw Dead Elvis

Rock Star lets Dance

The Lab



Growing Old

She's Nagging

My Baby's A Big Fat Cowgirl


Free As A Bird