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My hobbies that I enjoy is creative cooking.  After doing 27 years in high end hotel restaurants, I enjoy the creative side of cooking - making up the dishes to be used that night in the restaurant. I have 13 of the 27 years as an assistant chef.

I've handled banquets from 120-1200 people. Done high end celebrity room service requests for;  Football player Rosie Greer, Alan Alda, Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster), David Bowie and his entourage, Alice Cooper and Band, Elizabeth Taylor and her entourage, President Bill Clinton fund raiser, Governors; Christy Witman, Florio, and Thomas Kean.

I enjoyed making displays for holidays, Mother's day, and weddings.

Below are some of the pictures I took over the years and still have.

bangers amsh
braised pork green pep sauce
braised steak plum sauce
This was a giant salad display, of sea food dips, vegetables.
A Bar special- Bangers and Mash
Roasted Pork Loin with a green pepper corn
thyme mustard sauce
Braised Fillet Mignon with pan seared mushrooms and onions in a plum sauce
crab ragoons
flounder rolaude
Giant Fruit Display
madman_logoSteak Diane
Crab Ragoons-loaded with crab meat, cream cheese and minced carrot onion, zucchini in won ton wrap
Flounder Rolaude-stuffed with spinach, mushroom, and ricotta cheese over oven roasted green beans with pine nuts and lemon butter sauce.
Giant fruit display in hotel lobby. used boxes in different sizes covered in banquet cloth to give height to display.
Steak Diane-with a green pepper corn and mustard sauce with mushrooms and oven roasted potatoes.