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My name is Ray Schwab, I am a graphic Designer by college education, and a fine artist.

I live in central New Jersey.

I went to Middlesex County college for Marketing Art and Design (MAD) as we were called, and graduated in June 1984 with my Associates Degree in Commercial Art Design. I later took computer comprehensive classes and was certified through the State of NJ from Design On Disk in Dumont, NJ. I have been a graphic Designer for corporations for the past 28 years. I worked on the most expensive ...EVER! ad campaigns for "Panasonic" The Plain Paper Copier" which was on TV, news papers, TV guide magazine, Store fronts as Crazy Eddies, Druckers, Wiz, and major retail outlets. I handled all the print media end...meaning, I did every thing that was  printed. I handed, posters, ads, brochures, magazine ads, counter top easel backs by cash registers, decals on the store doors, banners that hung from the ceiling, to trade show displays. I am now working freelance as well as a full time job in my chosen field doing client contact, vendor contacts, and press runs up to plate making and pressmen press proofs to follow on press runs. My designs now are more corporate books, booklets, brochures, inserts, posters, banners, files corrections, to photo manipulations.
     I am also a musician, a drummer by trade and was in 3 shows when they left Broadway and traveled, the NJ, NY, Philadelphia areas. I was the drummer in the pit band for the show.  Later, I formed my own band with other members over the  last 20 years and I am still in my 5th band  "LOBOTOMY".
We do 1970's punk rock with jazz drumming overtones and bluesy guitar overtones. We tried the getting a ?Record Deal", routine, by that turned out disastrous. Record companies wanted a lawyer and a Lawyer wanted a Rep or business manager and together neither wanted to know you unless you had a following of 5,000 or more in your club date plays.  Then we were told our music could be marked in a couple of categories, and that was NO GOOD!!! according to record companies. If you sound like the Rolling Stones Or the Doors, then we know how to market you. But you guys can be rock, punk, new wave, and a little metal we can't market that complex of a mix.
    So in 2001 I bought my first of my home recording equipment and we now do all the recording in my home studio, and mix down the final cd's from there, completely bypassing the record industry completely.  I mix them down design the packaging and sell them over the trade music journals, and websites.

     In 1984 I took lessons in "Special Effects Makeup" in Times Square NY from the "Actors Makeup Studio".  I moved on to do 5 movies all $1-4 million dollar low budget and one television commercial, for "Ohs Cereal", and 10 of the first 40 episodes of "Monsters" weekly television show assisting another studio. I worked on the 3 replacements to Michael Crawford of "Phantom of the Opera" when he left, I did the head castings of the 3 next replacements as an assistant make up artist and had the bust sent to England so Christopher Tucker The Major Makeup artist for Andrew Lloyd Webber's Production to do the make up of the next Phantom.
I currently do make ups for Halloween, and still do movies, videos, when I can get the jobs.

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You can contact me at: rschwab@comcast.net